Online Worship & Sermons

Due to the call for us to shelter at home and our desire to help our community stay safe and quickly stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are premiering our digital worship services on YouTube for those who are not comfortable in coming to church or have underlying conditions.  We are also livestreaming our weekly worship service on Facebook live, You Tube and Twitch @ 10:00 a.m. PST each Sunday and our Midweek Lenten Services each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m..  Please check them out at the following  links:

Facebook Live

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If you would like to watch the sermon click on the blue link below:

Sermon Video

If you would like to watch the sermon return to the home page, click on Sermon Videos and choose the sermon you would like to view.  Audio and print versions of the sermon can be found under the "Sermons" link on the home page

We hope you subscribe and tune in each week!




Online Bible Study Opportunities

Our present Sunday Morning Bible study is on the book of Isaiah.   Our Evening Bible Study is an indepth study of the Book of Romans.  Study guides for both are available at no charge under the Bible Studies Tab.  Both Bible Studies are being held in person and digitally using the Zoom App.  To join either Bible Study on Zoom, click on the link red or blue link below: 

Isaiah- Lesson # 6 - chapters 10-11  / Sunday @ 8:45 a.m. 

Sunday Evening SDG Bible Study -  May 16, 2021 - Romans Lesson #24 

We hope you log in and join us.  If you would like to see one of these Bible Studies offered at a different time, please contact our pastor at:


Preparing for Worship under Covid Guidelines

Worship @ 10:00 a.m.

Once you get to church, please follow these safety steps and expect the measures listed below to be strictly followed.  If you are uncomfortable with any of these measures or if you are still concerned about your health, please stay home and worship up with us through the digital offerings that are available through the second or third tab in the announcement section of the home page.

  1. Please use only the south parking lot and park in every other space. This is where we are also looking for Agape love in action. If you are mobile, do not take the parking stalls that are right next to sidewalk. Please leave those parking stalls for those who are less mobile. As a rule of thumb, the more mobile you are, the further away from the sanctuary you should be.  You should be wearing your mask as you exit your car.  You will not be allowed in the church unless you are wearing a mask that covers bothyour nose and your mouth.
  2. Please enter through the main double doors, which will be propped open and maintain social distancing of 6 feet if you are waiting to enter. Do not go to the double doors by the gym to try to avoid a potential line. Have your face mask that covers both your nose and mouth on. Please keep your mask on at all times.  If, for a medical reason, you are unable to wear a mask for the entire duration that you are on the Zion campus, both inside and outside,  you must wear your mask whenever you are moving around, speaking or singing before, during or after the service.  This especially critical for the safety of your fellow brothers and sisters in the Church.  It is also critical while you are outside of the sanctuary! The last thing we need is a picture of members standing around outside without face masks on. It is perfectly okay to fellowship but please!!!!! Maintain social distancing and keep your masks on when you do so.  If you doubt the validity of the efficacy of masks, please contact me so that I can share the actual science, complete with pictures, of the effects of a mask and social distancing. It’s quite convincing.
  3. Your temperature will be taken at the door using a touchless thermometer. If you have a fever over 100.4 you will not be permitted to enter. You will then be asked a series of wellness questions:
    1. Have you or anyone you have had contact within the last 14 days tested positive for the Corona virus?
    2. Do you have a cough, fever or any other symptoms of Covid-19?
    3. In the last 24 hours have you had a fever and taken aspirin, Tylenol or any other fever reducing medication?
    4. If you answer yes to any of these questions, we cannot allow you to come into the sanctuary!
  4. After your temperature is taken, please proceed to the disinfecting/ offering table where you will find hand sanitizer and a box for your offerings. Please deposit your offering first and then apply the sanitizer to both hands and let your hands dry as you enter the sanctuary.
  5. Sit in alternating rows. Do not try to sit in the rows that are taped off. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet unless you are a family unit. Also sit in an empty row before doubling up in rows. Please be courteous and take seats that are closest to the side or center aisles so that others can sit at the opposite end if needed.
  6. If you need to use the restroom, women will be using the south ladies’ restroom that is by the kitchen in Geneva Hall. The doors will be propped open so that we limit the touching of doorknobs. Likewise, men will be using the men’s restroom in the north hallway, down from the Fireside Room. Again, the door will be propped open for safety reasons. Remember – Men only in north hall and women only in Geneva Hall. If you use the restroom, please spray anything you touch (faucet handles, stall handles, etc.) with the disinfectant that is provided. Only one person should be in the restroom at one time. Family members or those who travel to church together may use the restroom at the same time.
  7. There will not be any nursery care during the service. The CDC strongly encourages everyone to limit their movement during the service. As a result, we will limit the rising and sitting during the service. We will still rise for the reading of the Gospel out of respect and to honor our Lord and Savior as we hear His actual words.  Please maintain 6 feet between you and others that are not in your family group.
  8. For a church family that loves each other, the following precautions are going to be a challenge:
    1. There will be no greeting and shaking of hands or hugging upon entering or at the beginning of the service.
    2. There will be no greeting and handshaking at the end of the service.
    3. There will not be a hospitality time at the end of the service. But you may congregate outside of the sanctuary and fellowship with each other. Please, Please, Please – wear your face mask during this time and practice social distancing. I am hoping to get a couple of pictures of us showing compliance in this regard so that if we are challenged by city, county or state authorities I have something to put in front of them that shows the measures we have taken and are actually following.

Please help us in following these procedures. Again, I know this is a royal pain, but it also for your safety, the safety of others, for the sake of every citizen in the State of California and most importantly for the sake our LORD. As I had asked back in May, “Is that hyperbole????” Absolutely Not! Meeting together is necessary for robust spiritual health. It also is a tremendous witness to our community. Every person that drives by will see that we have social distanced our cars, social distanced ourselves, protected each other and the community by wearing face masks and they will see that our call to serve and worship our LORD is more important than following the governor’s mandate. It tells fellow Christians that we have all worked well together, the LORD has blessed those efforts and they too should be putting our LORD first. It also tells our political leaders that Christians are trustworthy, caring people who take the safety of each other seriously. This could be one of the finest hours for the Church!


What will the service itself look like?

Since the vast majority of clinical studies suggest that the primary form of transmission of the novel coronavirus is through the air, we will do everything possible to limit this sort of transmission. This means that we will:

  • Wear masks at all times.  For those who cannot wear a mask at all times for a medical reason, you must wear a mask whenever we are speaking or singing.  Both singing and responses are greatly limited:
    • Responses to scripture readings – “Thanks be to God”
    • Praying the Lord’s prayer in unison
    • The singing of the opening, sermon and closing hymns will be limited in the number of verses sung. Words will be in your bulletin so that we do not need to disinfect the hymnals.
  • Have boxes at the entrance of the church for the collection of the offerings
  • Limit standing and sitting. We will stand for the reading of the Gospel out of respect and reverence for the words of our Lord when the Gospel contains a quote from Christ.

By implementing these measures during the service, CDC guidelines for limiting the time that people are together, limiting the amount of speaking that could introduce airborne particles, limiting movement that could stir up airborne pathogens and reducing the number of surfaces that are touched by individuals, we hope to greatly curtail the possibility of spreading the novel coronavirus.


Following the service(s), the sanctuary and restrooms will receive a deep cleaning.  The entire santuary will be treated with an anti -bacterial and anti-viral mist through the use of a fogging machine.  We have also replaced the filters in all of our HVAC units with Merv -11 or higher filters.


What about Bible Study?

We are going to have our Sunday morning Bible Study in the Fireside Room at 8:45 a.m. We will practice social distancing. This Bible Study will also be available “live” via the Zoom app, if you are at all uncomfortable about meeting in the Fireside Room.



Pastor, I’m still scared. I’m older, have underlying conditions, and this crazy virus terrifies me!

Believe me, I really do understand! We’ve learned a lot over the last four months, but much is still unknown. Marjie has been working many overtime hours and picking up days to help deal with the surge that has hit our county. The good news is that things are starting to improve! But the elderly and those with underlying conditions are certainly the most vulnerable. Therefore, we will continue to publish a video version of the service each week so you can stay home if that makes you more comfortable. It is available by going to our website and clicking on the green You Tube link or the red Facebook link. You will find these links in the announcements section on the home page and also under the sermon tab. Our Bible Studies will also continue on “Zoom” and can also be accessed via our website

Grace, Mercy and Peace to all,

Pastor Matt

Zion Childcare Center and Preschool

We are now accepting enrollment applications for our Zion Childcare Center and Preschool.  Please call Jennifer Sawyer at (209) 369-1919, or email for more information.  You can also get information and download the admission and enrollment application from this site by visiting the "Child Care Center" module located on the home page.