Welcome to Lent

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 2/14, which also happens to be Valentine's Day.  Each week during Lent we will have a midweek Lenten service @ 5:00 p.m. followed by a soup supper.  On Ash Wednesday we will look at how Jesus used the name of God, Yahweh or "I Am" to correct the religious leaders of the time.  It is that name, "I Am," that He also used for Himself seven times during His ministry.  Each week, during Lent we will look at one of Christ's use of the name of God for Himself as He also reveals the true purpose for why He came and how it applies to us today.  We hope you will join us at either of our campuses to worship our Lord, thank Him for His love and learn more about who our God really is.

This Week's Sermon

Our sermon this week is the first in a Sermon Series titled: "God's Narrative"

This Week's sermon: "Cain, Abel & Fathers"

In this sermon series we will begin a walk through the Bible.  However, we begin by addressing that this is not a "Story" nor is it "The Story."  It is God's narrative, or eyewitness account, of the History of His creation, its fall and its only hope. The first sermon in this series focuses on God the Creator, satan - the great lying liar and deceiver,  and us - the created who have chosen very poorly.

What in the World is Lent?

Explanation of History of Ash Wednesday 

Lent is one of the oldest observations on the Christian calendar, the purposes being self-examination and repentance. Irenaus of Lyons (c.130-c.200) wrote of such a season in the earliest days of the church, but back then it lasted only two or three days, not the 40 observed today. In 325A.D., the Council of Nicea discussed a 40-day Lenten season of fasting that soon encompassed the whole Church. How exactly the churches counted those 40 days varied depending on location. Only one meal was taken a day, near the evening. There was to be no meat, fish, or animal products eaten. It was “Vegan heaven.”

Until the 600s, Lent began on Quadragesima (Fortieth) Sunday, but Gregory the Great (c.540-604) moved it to a Wednesday, now called Ash Wednesday, to secure the exact number of 40 days in Lent—excluding all Sundays, which were feast days. Gregory is also credited with the ceremony that gives the day its name. As Christians came to the church for forgiveness, Gregory marked their foreheads with ashes reminding them of the Biblical symbol of repentance (sackcloth and ashes) and of their mortality: "You are dust, and to dust you will return" (Gen 3:19).

And so, we enter Lent: 40 days of special devotion, attention to almsgiving, sacrificial acts, and catechesis that will culminate in the observance of Good Friday and celebration of Easter.

Worship, Livestream and Bible Studies

The Livestream link in the Banner at the top of our page is under construction.  We hope to be Live-streaming through our webpage instead of on YouTube in the near future.

Check out the "Worship with us" tab for worship times, links to our livestream and addresses for our three campuses.

Check out the "Bible Studies" tab for times, links to join the Bible Studies via "Zoom" and for printable versions of present and past Bible Studies (free to download and use).  We have three active Bible Studies at this time:

  1. The SDG Bible Study - "Walk Through the Bible"
  2. The SDG Bible Study -  "The Gospel of Luke:
  3. The Sunday Morning Bible Study on the Book of Job

Note: SDG is short for the latin "Soli Deo Gloria" which means, "To God Alone be the Glory."  These Bibles studies have been developed to do just that, while also increasing both our faith and knowledge of God's Word.  To help us make God the focus and bring glory to Him, these Bible Studies are free and readily available for download.  You will never see the name(s) of those responsible for the development of these studies because that is not important.  What is important is that these studies focus on God's Word and approach His Word as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.  We'll let Him do the talking through His Word and pray for His Spirit to guide us in the saving truth of His Word.